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Shaver Outside Wood Burner


3 colors of outdoor wood furnaces

We have a color combination to match any surrounding buildings!
ALL furnaces now come with motion detector flood light!


We now carry 5 sizes of wood furnaces. Choose from 20 different COLORS with 8,000 different color combinations!

Not for sale in Vermont, Maine, Oregon, New Hampshire and Maryland. However, you may be able to take advantage of the less expensive ($2000+ less) and simpler furnaces that can burn COAL and  are built without electronics and circuit boards!
Check with your local code enforcement office!

Shaver Pro Series 165  $5377 
165,000 BTU and a 170 gallon water tank.  4,000 sq ft.*

Shaver Pro Series 250  $6277  
240,000 BTU and a 230 gallon water tank.  5,500 sq ft.* A great deal because the firebox is 50% bigger!

Shaver Pro Series 290  $6627 
280,000 BTU and a 260 gallon water tank.  7,000  sq ft.*

Shaver Pro Series 340  $7277 
326,000 BTU and a 300 gallon water tank.  8,000 sq ft.*

We can also build one smaller for $200 less ($5177) with a 125 gallon water tank. 3,000 sq. ft. - mainly for folks south of TN with smaller homes.

ADD $175 for the 1/2" thick firebox.


Solenoid Activated Damper with a bigger 75 cfm fan/blower  SAVES WOOD! Now INCLUDED
Digital thermostat Ranco installed (not wired) with Dry Well $125
Delete the built-in hot water coil -$100
Chimney Cap - Now INCLUDED
5-year Rust Blocker - $325+ shipping (no water testing required)
or 5 year plan for $260(shipping included). This includes water bottles and chemicals. You just have to send in your water sample each year.

We now carry 4 sizes of COAL burning furnaces. These models are specifically designed to burn coal. With the fan feeding oxygen in from the bottom, the coal burns easily. Simply but a wood furnace model (above) and add an optional shaker grate to help get rid of the clinkers.

ADD $200 to above prices for the 165 model and $250 to 25 and 290 models (includes Shaker Grates) Add $300 for the 340 model.

ADD $175 for the 1/2" thick firebox.


75 CFM fan/blower - Now INCLUDED
Solenoid Activated Damper with the bigger fan/blower - Now INCLUDED
Chimney Cap - Now INCLUDED

Digital thermostat Ranco with Dry Well $110
Delete the built-in hot water coil -$100
5-year Rust Blocker - $325+ shipping (no water testing required)
or 5 year plan for $260(shipping included). This includes water bottles and chemicals. You just have to send in your water sample each year.


Shaver Outside Wood Furnace

White with ocean blue

Our wood burning furnace in the very popular Evergreen (Hunter green)

ALL furnaces come with a motion detector dual light

Blue Outdoor Wood Furnace
Blue Outdoor Wood Stove      Blue Outside Wood Furnace
This is a beautiful Caribbean Blue Outdoor Wood Furnace
Green and Tan Outdoor Wood Furnace   Green and Tan Outdoor Wood Boiler   Green and Tan Outdoor Wood Stove
A nice ivory with green trim and roof

Red Outdoor Wood Furnace   red outdoor wood burning furnace   Red Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

A Brick Red Outdoor Wood Furnace

White Outside Wood Stove   white outdoor wood boiler   White Outdoor Wood Furnace

Our Bright White Outdoor Wood Furnace
This one has a green roof but you can put any color!



Red Outdoor Wood Furnace Back door   

Rear door of Wood Burning Boiler
20 year old Shaver Wood Furnace

This wood furnace is approx 22 years old. The patch on the roof is from a fire
10 years ago  when the original house, sitting right beside the furnace burned down,
It only damaged part of the roof and was still operational. They kept it right
where it was to use with the new house and it's still being used today!


See how our furnaces are built
on our Take a Tour of our Plant Page - Coming Soon!

Shaver Wood Furnace Loading door

Optional 1/2" thick firebox! The thickest in the world!

Our standard firebox is 3/8". 
3/8" is 50% thicker than most of the competition
and we have NEVER had a firebox failure!


3/4" bar stock!

The air blows in from the back - through the ash receptacle, feeding air through the grate,
 into the fire from the bottom - just like a blacksmith's forge!

Most furnace blow air into the side of the fire - not nearly as good or efficient!


Just a few more EXAMPLES of Color Combinations:

Ocean Blue with black

Green trim

Brick red with black

Bright White with black

Green with black

Tan with brown

Tan with black

Bright white with crimson

Green with black


Light grey with black trim

Ivory with burgundy

Ivory with ocean blue

Green Wood Furnace Back


20 colors for your siding!

A total of over 8000 color combinations - sides, corners and roof


Plus Galvalume which lasts 6 times longer than Galvanized metal!


Also introducing RealTree™ Camouflage!



Get the Finest Furnace Made!







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Hydronic Wood Furnace 

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*Our standard furnace, the Shaver 165  will heat over 4,000 sq feet
including all buildings, well insulated - plus hot water.