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Please note that all prices listed are for the unit models only and do not include pex, parts or shipping costs!


Shaver Outdoor Forced Air Wood Burning Furnace

ThermoWind 1000
is Rated to Heat up to 3500 sq. ft.

ONLY $4397!
It is rated at 91,000 BTU
burning a good hardwood like oak and better hardwoods
like Hickory, Locust or Hedge can potentially give you

(no water to freeze)

Another Shaver FIRST!

Shown using insulated underground ductwork (Blue Duct™) and Shaver exclusive; black pipe kit.




It is unique to other materials because it is manufactured with food grade plastic that is safe for humans and the environment.
The material is mixed with a foaming additive during manufacturing to achieve the density and performance parameter desired.
The preformed ductwork has the characteristic of a smooth low friction surface that is resistant to mildew, mold, and Radon;
under pressure it will not crack and is non-toxic and recyclable. In addition, the ductwork is self-insulating, adjustable and easy to install.
A thermal efficiency performance of TheBlueDuct™ has a test proven equivalency for delivery effectiveness comparable to underground coated spiral ductwork wrapped in R10.

You can also use standard galvanized pipe with insulation shown below.



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Shaver has done it again! Backed by our 39 years of experience, we have developed a FORCED-AIR FURNACE that doesn't need water!

Comes complete with a forced-air draft fan and automatic damper plus a full-size furnace squirrel cage fan (1500 CFM or 2000 CFM)

- IDEAL for homes or shops without an existing heating system! No ductwork? No radiators? No boiler? No problem!!

- Excellent for those people with cabins or homes that are left unattended.

- Use out built-in furnace fan instead of an air handler or utilize your current furnace!

- Before spending thousands on a furnace for your garage or ship plus many more thousands for fuel - choose a ThermoWind for virtually FREE HEAT!

- Eliminate the threat of fire by having the furnace away from the house, just like with our outdoor wood fired WATER furnace (often called a "boiler".

- No carrying wood into the house, along with the bugs, bark and trash.

- NO SMOKE in the house either!

Only a forced air furnace inside your home can be used because ductwork is needed, so an electric, gas, oil, propane furnace, etc, and heat pump or geothermal system can be used.

No boilers or radiant floor heating systems can be hooked up. However, you can add ductwork to any building (or not even use any ductwork) to heat a building.

We can even help you if you don't have any heating system now!

In case of a power failure, you can still have a nice warn house, when everyone else is cold!!

ONLY  in the case of power failure and if you want heat, it requires a 2000 Watt Generator for the ThermoWind 1000 model (only $200 at Wal-mart)
or a standard portable 4000 watt generator for the ThermoWind 2000 model, (because of the startup power that the motors take), with plenty of power left over for lights, etc.

This furnace can go outside and does not have to be bolted to the house or go in the basement like every other model out there!

Heat is carried to your home through insulated 12" pipes, buried underground or you can use regular and less expensive regular ductwork which you can insulate yourself.

You only need ductwork, thermostat and wire and a power wire to install.

No more worries about frozen water!

NO CHEMICALS or annual water tests! No pumps!

Also perfect for folks who have power failures often (you would need a generator to get heat but there is no worry about frozen water, etc)

NOW there is no need to put the furnace right next to the house or in the basement with our revolutionary insulated underground pipe!

These air pipes are only 12" in diameter so a standard backhoe with a 24" bucket can easily dig a trench for the pipes to lay side-by-side.

We are the only manufacturer that is doing this!

  • Air & Water Tight

  • Foamed Walls on underground pipe.

  • Easy to Install
    You only need ductwork, thermostat and thermostat wire and a power wire.

  • Quiet and Efficient

  • PVC FREE ductwork


ThermoWind 1000

Shaver Outdoor Forced-Air Wood Burning Furnace


is Rated to Heat up to 3500 sq. ft.Ή

ONLY $4397!


It is rated at 91,000 BTU
burning a good hardwood like oak and better hardwoods
like Hickory, Locust or Hedge can potentially give you


ThermoWind 2000
is Rated to Heat up to 5500 sq. ft. Ή



Has a bigger 2000 CFM blower and a bigger firebox (42" vs. 28" deep)
it's 50% bigger and is
only $5047!
(Only $650 more for a 50% bigger furnace!)

It is rated at 135,000 BTU
burning a good hardwood like oak


ThermoWind 3000


is Rated to Heat up to 6875 sq. ft.Ή

55" deep firebox with 2000 CFM 3-speed fan

only $5477!

It is rated at 165,000 BTU
burning a good hardwood like oak



ThermoWind 4000
is Rated to Heat up to 8500+ sq. ft.Ή

Loading twice a day BUT it WILL heat more than that but it has to be loaded more often

The ThermoWind 4000 is designed to heat a large buildings. It will have two full-size furnace fans on it (2000 CFM each), to better heat a large building - with a total of 4 ducts ( 2 supply and 2 return). It has a 68" firebox that is 3 feet wide and has two firebox doors; one on each end, to better and easier load the furnace. It has two forced air draft fans with automatic dampers on them.




ThermoWind 4000 Forced air stove

It is rated at 205,000 BTU burning a good hardwood like oak.

The price is $6947

Ή Heating a well-insulated home in a climate as cold as PA, using a good hardwood like Oak and loading it twice a day.





Shaver Thermowind 1000 - Heats up to 3,500 sq ft.*
46'' x 62.75'' - not crated
1480 lbs not crated
Crated Approx: 1629 lbs

Shaver Thermowind 2000 - Heats up to 5,500 sq ft.*
46'' x 77'' - not crated
1840 lbs not crated
Crated Approx: 1976 lbs

Shaver Thermowind 3000 - Heats up to 6,875 sq ft.*
46'' x 90.5'' - not crated
2160 lbs not crated
Crated Approx: 2366 lbs

Shaver Thermowind 4000 - Heats up to 8,500 sq ft.*
71'' x 76'' - not crated
2800 lbs not crated
Crated Approx: 2992 lbs

Crate Specs TW 1000: Height 97”, Width 52”, Length: 73 1/2” Weight approx 150 lb

Crate Specs TW 2000: Height 97”, Width 52”, Length: 91 1/2” Weight approx 150 lb

Crate Specs TW 3000: Height 97”, Width 52”, Length: 97 1/2” Weight approx 200 lb

Crate Specs TW 4000: Height 97”, Width 80 1/2”, Length: 91 1/2” Weight approx 200 lb


Model Description         Width    Depth    Height (approx)

TW-1000 36” cylinder    36”      28”         26” + 10” for Ash Pan*

TW-2000 36” cylinder    36”      42”         26” + 10” for Ash Pan

TW-3000 36” cylinder    36”      55”         26” + 10” for Ash Pan

TW-4000 36” cylinder    36”      68”         26” + 10” for Ash Pan

Fireboxes are 25" from ground level.

*Non-removable Ash “Pan” or receptacle



Shaver Thermowind 1000 - 48" x 63" Suggested pad size 48” x 106”


Shaver Thermowind 2000 - 48" x 79" Suggested pad size 48” x 122”


Shaver Thermowind 3000 - 48" x 91" Suggested pad size 48” x 136”


Shaver Thermowind 4000 - 76" x 71" Suggested pad size 71” x 114”

All specifications subject to change at any time.




Shaver has been building furnaces since 1972!

Our furnaces have stood the test of time.

SHAVER Forced-Air Outdoor Wood Furnaces are WELL BUILT to save you money
by producing heat efficiently with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort. 
Although our forced air furnaces are a new line, they are built using the same materials,
familiar design and proven techniques that we have been using for 39 years.

Perfect for folks with cabins or homes that are unattended.

Perfect for homes without an existing heating system!

Will heat your home as well as a gas or oil furnace. (Will not heat your domestic hot water.

No worries about water freezing ever again! No water tests!  No pumps!



How does an outdoor furnace heat my home?

The Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnace is designed to save the most energy and provide the most comfortable heating available. It heats your home by heating a firebox surrounded by a steel air chamber. When this air chamber reaches a preset temperature a fan controller turns on the main circulation blower. This blower forces the air into your existing central duct system.

How do the Thermostat Controls work?

The only visible addition to the heating system inside your home is a 2nd thermostat, which is located near the existing thermostat, if possible. This thermostat actuates the combustion blower of your outdoor furnace. When the air inside the air chamber reaches optimum temperatures a fan controller turns on the main circulation blower. This blower forces the air into your existing central duct system The original wall thermostat turns on your original furnace, if the outside wood furnace is not in operation. Your existing furnace will automatically take over to maintain your household temperature.



Shaver Outside Forced-Air Wood Furnace

Shaver Outside Forced-Air Wood Furnace with duct pipe

Two buried 12" pipes carry the heat to the house
and the cooler return air comes back.

The insulated underground pipe looks different than this. See DUCTWORK below
and picture of black pipe kit above.


The FIRST in the industry!

We custom build every  furnace for you,
so when you order, you can
specify YOUR choice of 
20 great colors  
and over
8000 Color combinations!


ALL FURNACES purchased come with the

Now with even MORE INSULATION!

R50 in the roof!

R21.6 in the walls!

More than a house!!


It's a state-of-the-art insulation that
fights heat loss three ways;
radiation, conduction and convection heat losses.

Check it out at:


Fed up with High Oil and Energy prices? 

Smoke in your house? Bugs, trash, bark from carrying wood in?

Heat your whole house with a clean, efficient 

No more $3.00+ Oil or high dollar Propane or lugging wood into the house!
No smoke in your house anymore! No bugs either! NO mess!

This furnace doesn't burn up the oxygen in your house or suck cold air in from outside!

Save your lungs and help prevent allergies too.

WOOD is still cheap! ...AND PLENTIFUL!
and large unsplit logs - like this furnace uses - 
are the cheapest of all!

Have Clean Heat, Clean Air, Clean Floors and walls too!


NOW with a 


Includes an On-Site Warranty!!
5-Years is 100% paid for.


Who else offers that,
who has been around 39 years?


A lot of warranties only cover parts (not labor)!
You have to ship the furnace back to the factory - at your expense.
Kind of negates the warranty, doesn't it?

Ours covers Parts AND Labor for TWENTY YEARS!*
and it's coverage On-Site -  NO SHIPPING!


Why buy a Shaver Outdoor Furnace? SHAVER The others
We make it simple without a lot of expensive electronics to break NO
We make it user serviceable. Anyone can maintain our furnace! NO
No filling with water every week -  or EVER! NO
We make our firebox to last! Ours is thicker!  3/8" inch vs. 1/8 to 1/4.  NO
We give accurate BTU ratings using an established scientific formula. They say what sounds good. NO
We have a 2-light motion detector light on the front NO
We have a forced-air fan not a dismal damper to fuel the fire with oxygen. More complete burning! Some
Our fan is in the back, behind a door, where you can't get shocked AND it blows the air through the grate into the bottom of the fire LIKE A BLACKSMITH'S FORGE - NOT into the side of the fire! Fires burn from the bottom up, right? NO
We have been building fine energy efficient  furnaces for 39 years! NO
Our grate uses 3/4" Bar Stock! NO


Shaver Outdoor Forced-Air Wood Burning Furnace

Our most popular color - Evergreen with Black trim

Perfect for folks who have power failures often or those people with cabins or homes that are unattended.
NO risk of water freezing! No fire risk either!


Outside Forced Air Wood Fired Furnace

New construction installation on a mobile home with the
insulated underground ductwork ready to attach to the existing ductwork.


Why buy an outdoor wood furnace?
  • No logs to carry in means no messy ashes and bugs in the house!
  • One of the selling points of an outdoor furnace is the convenience of locating it near the
    wood fuel source so you don't have to cart wood all around.
  • Safety
    • The chance of carbon monoxide build-up in your home is eliminated.
    • Eliminate allergies by getting the smoke outside!
    • The chance of a gas explosion from your furnace in your home is eliminated.
    • Indoor pollutants of harmful gases and fumes are eliminated too.
    • Eliminates the chance of chimney and flu fires from your furnace.
  • If you live in a suburban or rural area near a source of cheap wood, you could heat your
    home for the entire season for the cost of one month's electric heat bill. 
  • An outdoor furnace requires less tending.
  • No inside oxygen is used to fuel the heat like other wood or gas burning units.
  • Does not cause respiratory problems like burning wood indoors.
  • Wood is cheaper than buying it for a fireplace. Instead of 12-18' wood split,
    you can put 30" pieces in this one and full rounds. That makes buying wood even cheaper.
  • Burning wood, a total renewable resource, is less expensive than other fuels.
  • The cost of electric, gas, oil, or propane can be very erratic. The low cost of wood remains constant - or FREE!.
  • The furnace hooks up to any existing gas pack, heat pump or forced air system.

Most people pay for their furnace in 2 years or less! 
Imagine getting a 50% return on your money!
Where else can you get that? An outdoor furnace is the BEST INVESTMENT!


You've found the BEST! 

Our standard firebox is 50% thicker
than most of the competition
and is 3/8" thick.

Many are only .125'' - .1875"

Our closest competitor is only 1/4" thick (.250) 


You can click Click on some Pictures below for a LARGER Image
Please wait while these pictures load. can take up to 3 min on a modem to load the whole page.

Ivory and Blue Outside Wood Burning Furnace

Lights come shipped inside the firebox,
so they don't get broken in shipping.

A water furnace is shown here for color.

Get the Bugs, Dirt, Wood and Smoke outside.
Your lungs will love you!

Many people are getting 
lower rates because
they are getting the fire and
related hazard, out of the house!

Extra large, waist high loading door.

No more bending over, straining your back to load wood! Lever action safety latch!

A PROVEN design - since 1972!

We feel we build the safest furnace
(nothing electrical outside). We have the BEST PRICES and a Very Friendly Staff to help you every step of the way.

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Motion Lights


These furnaces now come with a double flood light on the front, for ease and safety of loading the wood at night.

Not only that, it's a MOTION LIGHT!

No switches. No forgetting to turn it off. If it's dark outside and you go near the furnace, it turns on!


New, nicer looking furnace - NO SILICONE

Now with nice neat looking butyl tape and grommets

Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler Door

Think the door isn't big enough?
A 15" round log, 30" long, will weigh 112lb - more than
most people can ever lift! 
Trust me, the door is more than big enough for anything
you can lift into the furnace AND the thick door frame
will take a pounding as you throw them in!

18" x 18"  - The TOUGHEST door you'll ever find with TWO 1/4" solid steel plates separated by a 3" air shield AND insulation. This plate keeps the hot air in and deflects it off the door. With very little metal to transfer heat to the door it does an excellent job of insulating the door.

There is fiberglass insulation BETWEEN the plates now!

Very heavy duty hinges! OURS won't fall off!


Shaver Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Firebox

Click on Pictures for a Larger image
1/4" thick flue - will not get damaged by throwing wood in


The chimney is low on the firebox and exits about 1 foot from the bottom, so that the smoke - or more importantly, the gas and heat - is trapped so that it doesn't quickly escape out the flue. That would be a big loss of efficiency.  

This way the air has to cool off to find its way down and out the chimney. This is also a better idea since you don't have hard-to-clean baffles getting a creosote buildup on them.

Having the chimney come down low
and stops the heat, gases and smoke from rushing right out the chimney AND creates a HUGE Secondary burn chamber to burn off all the gases from the wood - a HUGE source of energy!

When wood starts to burn it's the gas that burns first!

Another advantage is that the chimney exits through the air chamber, further heating it up - for free! Nothing does better!

These are some of the reasons that our water furnace is over 75% efficient using the exact same design

This also means that you will burn less wood than with others who don't qualify for the rebate and therefore you will use more wood with the other - being less than 75% efficient. That's proof, not just rhetoric.

Over 50% thicker!

.380" Thick Steel Firebox (3/8") - WILL NOT burn through - EVER! Will not crack or split like stainless steel!

We have never had a firebox failure, crack, split, rust-through or leak in 39 years of making the 3/8" thick firebox. After all, it is 50% thicker (or more) than most of the competition!

Compare Firebox thickness to another popular furnace at only .125" and another at .1875" thick. 

We have an ash pan! Some other makes don't even have an ash pan!! That makes it HARD to clean out! You have to let the fire die down  or move the burning wood aside to scoop out hot ashes. OUCH!

Only one factory seam in tube so it doesn't weaken the structure, break or warp. It is made of a solid piece of tubular steel (drill casing)! It is X-rayed before it is shipped.

It WILL NOT RUST through in a lifetime! Will not get stress cracks like Stainless Steel!

We have furnaces 30 years old and more, still in use today!


3/4" grates for Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

The removable grate is made out of
3/4" inch bar stock. Now THAT's thick!
We have NEVER had one burn through!

(Most others are 3/8 - 1/2")



Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Ashe Receptacle

Click on Picture
for a larger image

The blower in the back is a great aid
in getting a fire started. It also recovers
the air temperature much quicker,
and burns the wood up more completely
because oxygen is being fed to
the bottom of the flame - 
like blacksmith feeds his fire!


A clean-burning fire is more efficient than a smoky air-restricted fire. The forced draft will burn hotter and therefore cleaner. Secondary gases burn at 1200 degrees and with our furnace, they are trapped in the firebox so that they are available to be burnt off without escaping out the chimney. The Shaver will exceed that temperature.
 <  View through ash pan door and you can see the air blower inlet (seen in back of this picture).

The air blower determines how hot the fire burns and therefore how hot the air in the furnace gets. A thermostat on the back of the furnace tells the blower when to turn on and off (and has a solenoid activated door), so it doesn't run all the time and waste wood.

This is a LOT more efficient than a manual damper will ever be!

The air blows into the bottom of the fire, through the grate - like a blacksmith's forge. That's better than blowing in from the front - into the side of the fire, as all others do (if they even have a fan).

You get more complete burning from a fire where the oxygen is fed through the bottom as opposed to blowing over the fire from the side, like others that have that big box on the door!


Actual photo of a fire inside our firebox,
only minutes after reloading with wood!

Firebox size is 36" wide x 28" deep
x 27" high (due to ash pan in bottom). 
All sizes O.D.

The air chamber totally surrounds the firebox, top, bottom, sides, front and back.

The chimney is also surrounded by air.

The ash receptacle (and hot coals) are surrounded with air too!


Forced air fan for home and forced air fan for furnace with solenoid activated damper. 



The fans and thermostat
included, have a one-year warranty.

1500 CFM blower on left above.
2000 CFM on the ThermoWind 2000
2000 cfm fan also available on the TW1000 for $65

You get a solenoid activated damper too!

All parts are available everywhere.

There are NO proprietary parts
or circuit boards!


In case of a power failure, you can still have a nice warn house, when everyone else is cold!!

Requires a 2000 Watt Generator for the ThermoWind 1000 model
and a standard portable 4000 watt generator for the 2000 model,
(because of the startup power that the motors take),
with plenty of power left over for lights, etc.

You MAY need an heating and air guy to hook up the duct work, but all you really need is an adapter from a round 12" pipe to your rectangle (usually) pipe..

Everything is very simple and easy to do. There is a comprehensive manual, with lots of pictures and diagrams, that will help you every step of the way. You can also call me or the factory for assistance.



NOW there is no need to put the furnace right next to the house!!

Eliminate the threat of fire by having the furnace away from the house just like with our outdoor wood fired WATER furnace.

We are the only manufacturer that is doing this!

Perfect for folks who have power failures often or those people with cabins or homes that are unattended.

The two connectors in the back hook up to the
blue pipes which are buried in the ground. 

These pipes are only 12" in diameter so a standard
backhoe with a 24" bucket can easily dig a trench
for the pipes to lay side-by-side.

  • Air & Water Tight

  • Foamed Walls

  • Easy to Install

  • Quiet and Efficient


  • GREEN BUILDING Approved Adhesives


Ideal for new construction, as you can see here
 but you would just need two pipes running to the house
in an existing structure to connect to your ductwork.

Outdoor Forced Air Wood Burning Stove

The ash "pan" area is approx. 16" wide x 32" long and is 8" deep. It is a non-removable ash pan because it is easily cleaned at the front, through the door with a small shovel or hoe.

WARNING! Some other makers don't even have an ash pan! You have to let the fire die out or shove the hot burning logs aside - then clean it out while the firebox is 700 plus degrees - and then restart the fire in the dead of winter! Who wants to do that?

Air surrounds the front and back of the firebox and the ash pan as well, extracting all the heat from the red hot coals.


There is an air handler/blower that feeds air into the firebox, below the grate, to feed oxygen to the fire. It is thermostatically controlled and solenoid activated for greater efficiency, to keep the air temperature in the furnace between certain parameters. 

This is far better than an inefficient manual draft opening.



Hanging Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

Our furnace is so strong and well-made,
that the chimney alone is strong enough
to carry even the 2000 lb. weight of
our biggest forced-air furnace!

We move them like this every day!

Exterior is made of Heavy Duty Siding - 29 gauge structural quality, full-hard steel. 10 layers of protective coating. It has a Lifetime film integrity Warranty for walls and roof and a 30-year warranty against fade and chalk. 10 year edge rust warranty against acid rain.

 20 colors to best suit your surroundings! Mix and match the roof, sides and corners.

There are legs on the bottom with the siding surrounding the bottom to ground level.

Concrete pad is recommended but not necessary.

Use railroad ties, solid concrete blocks or ??

The chimney is made out of 1/4" thick, solid steel pipe and is surrounded by air. It tops out at about 90" feet above ground. You can EASILY add standard 6" stove pipe extension(s) with our adapter.

Super easy access!! 

Some other manufacturers have to
have the whole hull removed by 2-3 people!!

Extra Large rear access hinged door. All electrical items are in back, safely behind the door/lid! 

Easy pipe (air) and electrical hookups (simple 110V wiring). 

No special tools needed.

The easiest furnace for the self-installer to put in!

We help you every step of the way!


Many people can pay for their furnace in
2 tears or less of propane bills!

Start with a small piece of wood.  :o)

Seriously, you can use these bigger, cheaper pieces or smaller ones - whatever you can easily handle. The bigger ones (rounds) require less cutting and splitting so they cost less - about 80-90 a cord in most areas.

ANY wood is cheaper than oil, gas and electricity! One person said that they have never used their propane heater after propane prices tripled!

 A fire in minutes!

Whole rounds burn longer and cleaner and
it's SO NICE not having to split the wood!!

Shove the logs in on top of each other.

Use the poker (provided) for safety to push them in.

That big poker comes with the furnace - for FREE!

Thought there wasn't a fire?

Think again!

Within a couple of minutes - literally - 
this fire was roaring!




Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

We use state-of-the-art Solar Guard insulation all around!

Solar Guard is only 1/4" thick but combines a thermal break, reflective insulation and an insulating layer of R11.6! It has backing on both sides and is aluminum foil backed on one side. We then insulate on top of that with R11 vinyl-backed fiberglass in the walls and ceiling! 

TRIPLE INSULATED (R50) ON TOP - like a passive Solar house. You cannot feel the heat when you touch the siding!

That gives you R22.6 in the walls and now R50 in the ceiling!

FREE in Northern U.S. states and in Canada and Alaska.


We will build YOUR furnace in any of 20 exciting colors
or any combination thereof!

Seven Different Furnace colors

LOTS of Different colors and ALL come with motion lights! Water furnaces shown here to show assortment of colors.
Ocean Blue with White; White and Red; Ivory with Brown; Green with Black; White with Black; Ivory with Green




This green is supposed to
look like the picture 2 above



Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Colors

Not all colors are available at all times.


We can also build your furnace so that you can apply regular siding, brick,
faux (cultured) stone or almost anything else.


Questions about stainless steel answered

Do you build with stainless steel?


No, we don't build stainless for several really good reasons.

Our furnaces last longer than stainless with MANY of our water furnaces still in use after 30 years plus!!

1. Mild steel transfers heat better than stainless does.

2. Stainless is a great sales feature, but little else, since most companies use cheap stainless, like a car's exhaust system.

There are many grades of stainless out there.

3. Since stainless is so expensive, the fireboxes are made really thin. Some are no thicker than the metal in a 55 gallon barrel or the thickness of a trailer fender!! That's why you see so many split and broken apart.

Our firebox is almost 4/10th of an inch thick, as opposed to .200 in many furnaces. They never rust through.

We just replaced a Hardy a week or so ago and there are many leaking Central Boilers and Hardys on eBay for sale, that are leaking.

4. Stainless is more prone to stress cracks, so why use it?

5. Unless the stainless is retreated after welding, you've lost all of it's properties through the heating of the metal. And it's being welded to mild steel anyway, so what's the use?

Like I said, it's a great sales feature but our super thick mild steel furnace heats better, doesn't crack and split - and last longer!

If stainless was better, we'd surely be using it after 39 years of experience.

Best regards,



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